Vingesuset will grant financial support to events with a social element, i.e. an element that will bring colleagues together across locations and department. This means that an event planned through Vingesuset must aim at strengthening the social network and solidarity among Siemens colleagues irrespective of geographical and/or organizational affiliations.

It is a prerequisite for approval of events though Vingesuset that the applicant includes a social element that will allow members to talk together and enjoy the company of each other before, during and after the actual event.

As a rule, Vingesuset grants financial support to the member only. Support may also be granted to children of the member (family events) as well as a companion.

An event with a social and a non-social aspect may receive financial support at different rates per activity or may be approved at full cost for the non-social aspect.

FAMILY EVENTS:                                                                              
The financial support for family events will be calculated on the basis of an average family of 2 adults and 3 children.
Events and parts of events that are NOT eligible for financial support:
- Events in which one or more members are personally involved in a way that will result in financial interest/gain to a member (Tupperware, sales of e.g. clothes et cetera at a part-time basis).
- Events that apply for financial support for the tickets only – without any social aspect.
- Events for which the supposed purpose is the consumption of alcohol.  
- Private memberships entailing membership fees (club memberships).
- Drinks coupons (selling by the price).

Events of parts of events that may be eligible for financial support:
- Transport (bus, taxi, airplane et cetera), if this may be included as a natural and sound part of the event. Transport must favor the majority of participants and must be planned using an appropriate route.
- Concerts, theatre plays, stand-up shows and the like may only result in financial support if a social aspect is part of the event.
- Family events may extraordinarily be eligible for financial support without any request for a social aspect. This requires a fairly low price on the tickets.